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Welcome to Bascome FC

Our club philosophy is based on the guiding principle that FOOTBALL MATTERS. It matters in many aspects of our lives in Bermuda and as global citizens. It connects people; young and old through the role of coaches, community, players and parents.

Because FOOTBALL MATTERS, our primary goal is to develop the Bermuda football product to a similar or better level than most internationally recognized academies and school, enabling Bermuda's young players to remain in Bermuda until they are technically, physically, mentally and maturity wise, ready and able to pursue their dreams in an international setting. Might it be with a fully funded four year scholarship to a college or university, or a pre-professional contract for a club. Recognizing that we can also provide an entertainment outlet for Bermuda and Bermuda football fans alike.

A word from Andrew Bascome

"Thank you to all the players, coaches, and parents for all the hard work, dedication and belief in what we do - the 2022/23 season has been an absolute break-out year for us. Fully energized by this, we will now drive our program to the next level in the pursuit of our vision. Just like we tell you, incremental learning and improvements will make you a better player, so is our pledge to you regarding our program development."

Andrew Bascome, Founder, President and Program Director

Congratulations to Dashun Cooper

Our philosophy cannot be more visibly represented than Coach Cooper's perseverance and dedication. Congratulations on your next step on your journey, a position solely earned on your own merits, personality, and focus!

BFC's "Patron Saint" - Your wisdom and experience guide us every day, and your ideas are as relevant today as they were in 2010.

If there is one person that has had the greatest impact and affect on Coach Bascome, and Bascome Football Company, in his desire to create the best youth football development organization possible, it is Jacques Crevoisier. Mr. Crevoisier at the time when we teamed up with him was a UEFA Grassroots development director, overseeing grassroots development in all 55 countries within UEFA. We owe so much to him, and we are eternally grateful for having worked with him for over ten years, until his untimely death on May 16th 2020.  He remains within what we do on a daily basis, not the least because  we were fortunate to have his vast knowledge memorialized in the four Bermuda coaching handbooks that we authored together. Those handbooks form the framework for everything that we do.

Jacques contribution to Bermuda football, click link

Jacques' experience, knowledge and persona was always shared with every coach, club and administrator in Bermuda, neither Jacques, ABC Football Foundation, nor Coach Bascome would have wanted any other way. Together we achieve more!

Donations and sponsorship

In order to be able to offer a bursary and scholarship program, both for players who require financial assistance,  and to be able to assist young coaches setting out to make youth coaching a full time profession, your support will make a huge difference. For more information about the 2023/24 fundraising campaign, please see below pdf presentation.  

For more information please email us at

2023/24 General Purpose Fund Donors

Gibbons Group of Companies