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Overseas Players 2024/25

So what is the definition of an Overseas Player

If you are currently a registered player with Bascome Football Company, and played in the BFA league under either FCB or BAA club names, and your primary residency is in Bermuda, but you are away for school or other educational purposes, including football development, and you have not physically received an ITC - International Transfer Certificate from the Bermuda FA for whatever organized football activities you might be engaged in while away from Bermuda, you may register with us as an Overseas Player. 

Once you have registered, you will be entitled to participate in all training sessions for your age group when back in Bermuda, and you will be eligible to play with us in our BFA League games. Actual game time in BFA league games and practice games is of course subject to coaches discretion. 

We want all our players to remain connected with us and to train and play when back on the island

We strongly encourage all of our players to remain engaged with Bascome Football Company and to participate in our programs while back in Bermuda, irregardless of age. Progression and development never stops, and we will be able to provide you with a strong platform while back home. It will also allow you to stay connected with all your team mates and coaches.