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U13 & U15 FC Bascome Bermuda Season 2020/2021

Mission: To develop highly skilled and tactical players to compete at the highest level in our region.

A message from our Founder Andrew Bascome

We’ve decided to take a more professional approach to our players in order to give a greater chance and opportunity for players to compete at the highest level in our region. 

Throughout the years, we’ve seen a significant drop in the number of players between U15 and U23 on island. FC Bascome Bermuda has addressed this by making an investment in purchasing the USL 2 franchise team. Therefore, we need a youth programme that will help us develop young talented players to take advantage of this great opportunity. An opportunity to play in front of top college and professional coaches every summer. 

At the moment, our USL team provides an outlet for players aged between 17 and 23. 

65% of MLS players are drafted from this league.

In three years, I envision to have many positions taken in the USL senior team by players who have developed through our programme. We hope this will inspire parents to invest in our programme to help us reach our mission.

As a former Bermuda Senior and Youth National Coach, I have seen our deficiencies at the highest level and am fully committed to designing a programme that caters in addressing them. 

FC Bascome Bermuda is making a plethora of changes in the approach Bermuda is taking towards football. We’re challenged to create a positive and professional environment that will assist us to reach our goal.

To do this, we have made the following changes in our programme:

  1. Introducing a full-scale training schedule with added technical development departments covering physical health, conditioning, nutrition and tactical theory. 

  2. We now have a dedicated Head of Goalkeeping position to create custom programmes for each goalkeeper in the Bascome Football Company Family. 

  3. Increased the amount of training days for our players to assist in the development process

  4. Extended our training schedule to 10 months (September – June) instead of the average 7 month schedule 

Program Objectives

The FCB Academy is for the dedicated and passionate players that are committed to the game and have consistently demonstrated a respect for the game and what it takes to improve. The goal is to prepare each player with the tools and knowledge that can help further their career as both a football player and as citizens of Bermuda and the world.

  • A structured curriculum that promotes skill development

  • Continued work on technical capabilities, as a sound technical competence is the essence of becoming successful in today’s game

  • Mental capacity & speed of thought to allow the players to use their technical skills in multiple match like situations

  • Strength and Conditioning alongside Nutritional education as separate parts of the curriculum

  • An enjoyable & challenging environment with continuous feedback, motivating the players to improve

  • Emphasizing long-term benefits rather than short-term gain

  • Teachable life skills that will be important as they grow with the sport, now combined with recruitment requirement and personal development to succeed

Measuring player performance

In order to monitor player growth and development, it is necessary to have a methodology to generate individual player profiles. 

This includes: 

  • Player tracking and data gathering 
  • Identifying areas where specific and targeted training is required for continued growth of the player
  • Regular assessments with timely feedback performed by our professional staff

We understand that the above programme planning and upgrade in our curriculum means that this is not for every parent and player. That's okay! We fully understand that parents and players may have other priorities and commitments. This programme is for players that take football seriously. If this programme is not for you but you still wish to be part of the Bascome Football Family please let us know and we can look at other options that will best fit your player.

What we need from our players:

  • Preparedness to improve
  • Commitment 
  • Passion for the game
  • Respect for Coaches

What we need from our parents:

  • Respect for the programme
  • Use the correct protocols to address issues
  • Do not get involved in team selections or technical player sessions
  • Stay off the field during training sessions
  • Wait to speak to coaches (do not approach a coach directly after the games)
  • Ensure players are at training and games on time
  • Communicate when players are unable to make games and training by using the Sports Engine app

Under 13 Training Schedule:

Monday – Training in gym (BAA) - 4pm-5pm

Tuesday - Training 5pm-6pm on pitch (Goose Gosling Field, BAA)

Wednesday – Technical and physical development in BAA gym with Coach Liam Evans -  - 4pm-5pm

Thursday - Training 5pm-6pm on pitch (Goose Gosling Field, BAA)

Friday – Technical Classroom in BAA club house with Coach Andrew Bascome 4pm-5pm

Saturday - Games in the BFA League (locations will vary)

Under 15 Training Schedule:

Monday – Training 6pm-7pm on pitch (Goose Gosling Field, BAA)

Tuesday - Training 6pm-7pm on pitch (Goose Gosling Field, BAA)

Wednesday – Technical and physical development with Coach Liam Evans 6pm-7pm

Thursday - Training 6pm-7pm on pitch (Goose Gosling Field, BAA)

Friday – Technical Classroom in BAA club house with Coach Andrew Bascome 4pm-5pm (pending on Covid rules, this time may change to 5pm-6pm)

Saturday - Games in the BFA League (locations will vary)